About Marisa Marks

Marisa has more than 25 years in the marketing and communications field including such companies as Time Inc., Forbes, and Gourmet Magazine. Creating and managing numerous high-end events has enhanced her innate sense of organization and simplification.  Her work with high-end photographers, stylists, and designers has honed her passion for styling and staging.

Today she works with real estate brokers and homeowners who want to simplify and stage their homes to achieve maximum market value. Her services include all phases of home staging — from clearing and prepping the space — to staging and styling every room.

She also works with interior designers as part of their team to help prepare the space and facilitate their design process.

Many new and current homeowners who are not selling retain Marisa to simplify and style their environments to be more organized and inviting.

Her talent and creative problem solving ideas offer clients the opportunity to have a more efficient and beautiful space that gives them a new sense of pride and makes them feel good.  This is something she believes is directly associated with overall well-being and happiness.

marisamarks person.png

“A beautiful, simplified environment can only be a good thing and it leads to better living.”



Beyond Neat™

When a space goes beyond just being organized and tidy.  Furniture and décor are edited and refreshed to create a stylish environment that represents the owner’s personal taste.


Intelligent Sorting™

The ability to differentiate valuable items from those of less value. The ability to better ensure that items can either be sold or reused for maximum benefit to the owner. Usually, a quality possessed by high-end or very experienced stylists who have are able to identify manufacturers, brands, and the overall quality of items.


Resources: A Great Advantage!

Marisa also has worked with a number of venders, suppliers, companies, and service providers.  Her knowledge of helpful, quality products and services, and where to get them, is unmatched.  From painters and cleaning services to furniture, fabrics, housewares and other supplies, you will be amazed at her assortment of great resources!